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The Acoustic session file gives you the perfect softness to support your harmony with the studio sound. This product was built to provide that exciting sound inspired by the best acoustic albums and artists in the world.



Please verify sufficient wave size (input volume) of drum channels (BassDrum, SnareDrum and Toms), to make sure these are aligned to the gate level applied to these channels. If you do not hear a specific drum, adjust the wave/clip size until solved (you can do that by simply raising the gain of the selected channel/clip in your session layout).


Wave/clip gain adjustment may also be required for vocal tracks to align with compression levels, and other channels as well. simply adjust until reaching  your optimal level as required.


In addition, make sure you align the project/session tempo to the actual tempo of your track, this will affect also certain plugins which are configured to align to the project tempo

Alternative Mix Templates for Pro Tools

Acoustic Mix Template

for Logic Pro X

Price: $39.99 + Tax / VAT

License to download and use the template

All prices are in US Dollars


  • Bass drum mic (main)

  • Bass drum mic 2 (secondary)

  • Snare drum top mic (main)

  • Snare drum bottom mic

  • Brush snare

  • Hi-hat mic

  • Ride mic

  • Hi-Tom drum mic

  • Low-Tom drum mic

  • Floor drum mic

  • Overhead mic Left

  • Overhead mic Right

  • Room mic Left

  • Room mic right

  • Shaker

Product Requirements:


  • Full versions of Logic Pro X

Plugins Required:



Template Specs:


  • Approximate file size: 0.5mb

  • Total Number of channels: 33

  • Sidechained drums channels


  • Fretless Bass guitar channel

  • Clean Guitar mic 1

  • Clean Guitar mic 2

  • Acoustic Guitar Left

  • Acoustic Guitar Right

  • 12 strings guitar

  • Solo Guitar mic 1

  • Solo Guitar mic 2


  • Piano keys stereo

  • Cello

  • Strings keys stereo


  • Lead vox

  • Backing vocal

  • Backing vocals 2



  • Reference channel (with different output)

  • Groups, effects and master channels pre-engineered



Template file includes the following channels/tracks:

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